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What do we do?

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Start-ups are known for their effectivity and ability to create a new product fast and deliver it to market. Our ambition is to do custom software development the start-up way. Have you got a good idea? Come to work with people who will put their hearts into it.

Who are we?

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A company based in Prague, Czech Republic, with a flat organization structure, embracing freedom at work. A team of motivated and energized people who will make your vision happen:

Jan Minárik
Product Artisan


He loves data. According to him, the world consists of two kinds of people: the successful ones and those who work insufficiently with the data about their clients and products. He believes there is always an optimal way to measure, keep records of and search for things.

Tomáš Porazil
User Experience Artisan


He gets irritated by bad design the same way as a musician by out-of-tune singing. He rejoices in successful user testing results. He understands that a flawless and intuitive interface is an unreachable aim, but the path to it is his life goal.

David Schovanec
Frontend Artisan


He believes that Javascript is a main frontend platform, Single Page Applications are the future of the Web and a loading speed of a page is his mantra. His idea of a beatiful website is a smooth and unobtrusive interface.

How do we work?

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A belief in success runs all web projects. However, most of them are not confronted with market reality, at least not soon enough, so that the course of the development can be adjusted before all available resources are depleted.

We usually create a product in short cycles, during which we verify the product in the market. After we process the results, we modify the goal of the next cycle accordingly, to eliminate the above mentioned risk.

This is how we work:


Let's meet for a cup of coffee and find out if our way of work resonates with your vision and expectations.


We will help to fill potential gaps in your design and use modern trends to refine your idea.

Minimum viable product

If your problem can be solved by Excel macro, do not implement SAP. We will set together success criteria and design a lean solution within these criteria.


We will design interaction scenarios using a clickable prototype. The will tune the graphics interface to your taste.


We will program a fast and stable system, including interconnection with the wider world, such as data imports, pay gates or price aggregators.


The moment all of us looking forward to will come after intensive testing and without dropping any important parts of your infrastructure.

Reality check

We will confront operation data with the success criteria and set goals, then we will suggest further steps.

Let's create together

We invite you to a no-obligation chat in Impact Hub Praha. We will make you a cup of excellent coffee from a local coffee roastery.


Projects that our team members have realized or had an important role in the development:


Clojure, MySQL, Angular

A last-minute reservations of wellness services. Business and product design and evaluation, usable backend design, architecture and implementation.


Lean Canvas, Wireframing

Have you ever seen a simple and understandable HR application that is fun to work with? A SaaS tool for a performance management of employees in large organizations.


Ruby/Ruby on Rails, Elasticsearch, Haskell, Redis, MySQL, CanJS

A catalog and search in the popular Czech information hotline 1188. An intranet search system for operators, administration and billing system were part of the project.

Moje 1188

Clojure (JVM), MySQL, Javascript

A subscription service for purposes of the callcenter. Credit management, charging credit via payment gatways, deducting credit based on spent minutes.

Řemeslníci 1188

Ruby on Rails, CanJS, Java, Android SDK, MySQL

An interactive service dispatch software for companies providing home services. System has support for tracking of current position and occupancy of individual craftsmen via mobile phone application.

And others:

  • EXEgolf
  • NejŘemeslníci
  • Barvy internetu